Inventor Looks For Somebody To Beat Him At His Own Game

And has given us one EleMental plus ten pocket versions to win so you can practice!


Question: What is the De-luxe version of EleMental made out of?

First correct answer sent to will receive an EleMental board game. The next ten correct answers will receive a pocket edition.

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The search is on for the UK’s first champion of a revolutionary new board game which combines elements of chess, draughts and backgammon.

EleMental™, which was co-developed by Chiswick resident Damian Fanshawe, was launched last year and is the first board game to be incorporated in the Science Museum’s range of products.

The game brings together the ancient forces of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Time to battle it out across a beautifully-crafted 3D board depicting the ‘EleMental planes’ - their objective, to capture and hold the heart of creation.

Now, with thousands of players throughout the UK and overseas, its inventor Chris McCann wants to find a champion by holding a national tournament next year.

"EleMental™ is a natural tournament game, it's time we found out who the best players out there really are,” he said. “I'm looking for a player who can beat me at this - I want to meet some really tough opposition."

Graeme Petersen, Kew College Chess Club Teacher, said, "My Chess Club loves it. The multi-dimensional nature of the game-play encourages the children to plan ahead. There’s a timeless feel to this game, it’s easy to imagine the elements at war
over the eons and this in no small part adds to its appeal with my children. Part chance, part strategy there’s a great balance between risk and reward; it¹s an excellent addition to our sessions.”

As well as gaining the title of UK Champion, the winner will win a deluxe version of
EleMental™ (RRP £100) and £500 cash.
The tournament is scheduled for November 2008, and entries are now being invited.

The game was launched last year by Minds United Ltd to reunite families at play without the need for electronics. Mr McCann believes it could one day rival chess. He said “I believe passionately that play unites minds and that there is a growing need for person-to-person play without being plugged in to consoles or PCs."

As well as the standard EleMental™ game, sold by the Science Museum at £20, a pocket dice version is available at £2.99, and a deluxe edition, crafted from Corian – a substance renowned for its longevity, beauty and remarkable feel – sells at £100.

The game can be bought direct online at Snap Dragon on Turnham Green Terrace, The Bay Tree on Devonshire Road and The Science Museum.

December 13, 2007

size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">“I believe in the evolution of games,” said McCann. “And this game is evolved from the game classics, so who knows, in time maybe EleMental™ could knock chess off its pedestal.”

Ashleigh King, buyer for the Science Museum, said “We’re delighted to have EleMental as part of our licensed range at the Science Museum. We have a huge number of products, but this is our first board game so it’s an exciting venture for us.”

February 22, 2011