Fire Brigade Descends on Chiswick Village

To deliver a seasonal safety message to residents and children

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A team from Chiswick Fire Station visited Chiswick Village this week to educate local children about fire safety.

The team took their fire engines to meet children from Strand-on-the Green school for a fun and educational presentation on Chiswick Village green.

During sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Fire Team also met residents to assess their individual fire safety needs and to install as many smoke alarms as possible.

Nigel Murray, White Watch Manager said “Our team are looking forward to meeting with residents to discuss their fire safety needs. We need to get to know individuals. Elderly people are of course most at risk and come first.

"We will be making sure they are given every benefit possible, together with residents with disabilities. Each Watch will be appointed a certain block to look after. This project will take some time to complete, simply because of the number of flats in Chiswick Village.

"I was one of the fire officers on duty in 1994 when Chiswick Village suffered a serious fire
and I remember it well. One of our team was awarded an Award for Bravery for his part in
this fire.

Chiswick Village has changed very much recently. It is now a very smart block of flats and
you can see it is taken care of. In those days, it would have been much more difficult to
organise a project such as this”.

December 12, 2006