Hardwicke Road Footbridge Has Reopened

Work took months longer than anticipated


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The footbridge at Hardwicke Road which links Bridge Street and Belmont Road to Acton Green has opened after being closed since last December.

There were a number of delays in the reopening.The original public notice for the work stated that the project would be completed by May of this year but signs were posted around the site giving August as the likely completion date. This was then furthered delayed for new lighting to be installed.

These photographs are courtesy of Mike Abbott.




There is a new tarmac surface on the Acton Green approach and the street lamp has been re-positioned to closer to the steps. 

Some local people have said it does not look as if there has been much improvement in the appearance. However the important short cut from Acton Green towards Chiswick High Road is at least now returned.

September 24, 2015

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