Nobel Prizewinner Celebrates With Beer From Chiswick

The chosen tipple of Professor Peter Higgs to celebrate his win was brewed at Fuller's

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Nobel Prizewinning scientist Professor Peter Higgs chose a Chiswick-brewed beer to celebrate his win in preference to a glass of bubbly.

Fuller’s, the family-based brewery said it was "delighted"to hear that had a pint of London Pride had been the tipple of choice for the world-famous scientist.

Professor Higgs, who first proposed the existence of the Higgs-Boson or ‘God Particle’ in 1964, was in a press conference when a colleague of his announced that the award-winning physicist likes to celebrate with his favourite beer – London Pride – and was then presented with a bottle, which he held aloft to the crowd of photographers.

It was also revealed that the Professor had, upon making his discovery last year, celebrated not with champagne but with a London Pride during a flight back from the CERN facility in Switzerland.

A Fuller’s spokesperson said: “All at Fuller’s would like to congratulate Professor Higgs on his well-deserved Nobel prize.  We are delighted to hear that, as should be the case with all of life’s great celebrations, Professor Higgs marked this fantastic accomplishment with London Pride.

“We would like to invite Professor Higgs and his family down to Fuller’s Griffin Brewery at Chiswick for a proper celebration. 

“Now that we are aware of Professor Higgs favourite beer, perhaps we should consider a limited edition in his honour?  We should at least discuss how two great British institutions can work together. At present Fuller’s are concentrating on brewing award-winning beer and running great pubs, but you never know when a venture into the world of particle physics may be feasible.”



October 14, 2013