Full Steam Ahead For Barnes Bridge Walkway

Planning Committee approves design for 'iconic' promenade bridge

nbares bridge showing walkway underneath


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Thames Promenade Project Makes Further Progress

Plans Revived for Walkway Under Barnes Bridge

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Hounslow Planning Committee has approved the application for the proposed new footbridge beneath Barnes Bridge.

The committee of the Barnes Footpath Project Board was chaired by Chiswick councillor John Todd (who is deputy chair of Dukes Meadow Development board). With approval granted from planning, the way is now clear for work to start on the project. The walkway is part of the overall regeneration plan for Dukes Meadows.

The main benefit to the public is that that pedestrians will no longer have to divert up Dan Mason Drive and The Promenade and away from the river while walking on the Thames Path.

The design of the proposed new footbridge beneath Barnes Bridge was submitted by Moxon Architects. The design is for a curved structure which would sit below the bridge and link the Thames Path to Dukes Meadows.

When the consultation on the Dukes Meadows masterplan was being carried out, the pedestrian bridge was one of the items which rated most favourable feedback, indicating strong local support for the project.

The design is intended to maximise views of the river, with a meandering alignment to encourage views up and downstream as well as into the Dukes Meadows nature reserve.

Barnes Bridge at present

The project would use offsite prefabrication and river transport to reduce disruption and carbon consumption during construction.

Hounslow Council leader Steve Curran said: ‘Dukes Meadows is an incredible asset for Hounslow, achieving over 1 million visits per year. The new Dukes Meadows footbridge is an iconic structure that will no doubt add character to the area and, we hope, be appreciated for generations to come.’

another view of the bridge


Moxon is an international firm of architects with previous experience in building bridges. They were also involved in the design of the Taipei Museum of Art.

February 13, 2019

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