What Does The Future Hold For Chiswick Health Centre?

GPs concerned that ‘polyclinic’ could replace current services

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The body responsible for healthcare in London is currently undertaking a public consultation to improve local health services such as making sure that people who suffer from a stroke get the right treatment quickly.

The plans, which are set out in ‘Healthcare for London – Consulting the Capital’, could also mean a new look for local hospitals and the creation of polyclinics, which will allow people to see a range of different health care specialists under one roof.

However, health care professionals have commented that the creation of polyclinics where large numbers of GPs and other health care professionals work will inevitably lead to the closure of some local GP surgeries. This would mean that patients may to travel further to see a doctor. There is also the possibility that the service would become less personal.

A GP who is based at Chiswick Health Centre said, “We haven’t had enough information about how patients will be treated, how far they will have to travel, whether they can keep seeing their family doctor or where the extra money will come from to pay for more services in bigger buildings and whether any of the private sector interested in providing GP services will put patients before profit.”

He continued “Investing large sums of money in the development of completely new polyclinics may not be the best use of precious NHS resources. Some good structures already exist in the NHS and it would be a shame to undermine them.”

You can make your views known in one of the following ways:
• Complete the comments form on the consultation website www.healthcareforlondon.nhs.uk
• Write a letter to: FREEPOST Consulting the Capital
• Freephone: 0808 238 5430
• Email: consultingthecapital@ipsos-mori.com

February 27, 2008