Chiswick's Shops and Shopping From Victorian Times To Present Day

High Street History with pictures from Local History Collection at Chiswick Library

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Currently on display in Chiswick Library, during normal opening times - 'High Street History: shops and shopping from Victorian times to the present day - Brentford High Street and Chiswick High Road' with pictures from the Local History Collection at Chiswick Library.

It ties in with the "Turn Back Time: The High Street" series which is showing on BBC1 on Tuesday evenings.

There are several books of old photographs to buy or borrow. You are also invited to submit reminiscences and/or photographs to add to the collection.

Chiswick Library's Local Studies section is open most Mondays and Fridays, should you wish to see the original photographs or do other research.

The display is also available, in a simpler format, on the library website at

November 23, 2010