The Blue Plaques Of Chiswick

A unique view of W4 and those that have helped shape its history

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Chiswick has quite a number of blue plaques, part of the London wide scheme that marks the residencies of notable inhabitants of an area.

The scheme has been administered by English Heritage since 1986 and been running for over 140 years.

It's thought to be the oldest of its kind in the world and gives a unique view on London's areas and those that have shaped its history.




BERESFORD, Jack (1899-1977)JACK BERESFORD 1899-1977 Olympic Rowing Champion lived here 1903-1940

19 Grove Park Gardens, Chiswick, W4 3RY

COBDEN-SANDERSON, Thomas James (1840-1922)THOMAS JAMES COBDEN-SANDERSON 1840-1922 founded the Doves Bindery and Doves Press in this house and later lived and died here

15 Upper Mall, Chiswick, W6 9TA

DEVINE, George (1910-1966)GEORGE DEVINE 1910-1966 Actor Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theatre 1956-1965 lived here

9 Lower Mall, Chiswick, W6 9DJ

GANDY, Joseph Michael (1771-1843)JOSEPH MICHAEL GANDY 1771-1843 Architectural Visionary lived here 1833-1838

58 Grove Park Terrace, Chiswick, W4 3QE

HAMILTON, Patrick (1904-1962)PATRICK HAMILTON 1904-1962 Novelist and Playwright lived here

2 Burlington Gardens, Chiswick, W4 4LT

HERBERT, Sir Alan, A.P.H. (1890-1971)SIR ALAN HERBERT (A.P.H.) 1890-1971 Author, Humourist and reformist M.P. lived and died here

12 Hammersmith Terrace, Chiswick, W6 9TS

JOHNSTON, Edward (1872-1944)EDWARD JOHNSTON 1872-1944 Master Calligrapher lived here 1905-1912

3 Hammersmith Terrace, Chiswick, W6 9TS

PISSARRO, Lucien (1863-1944)LUCIEN PISSARRO 1863-1944 Painter, Printer Wood Engraver lived here

27 Stamford Brook Road , Chiswick, W6 0XJ

POPE, Alexander (1688-1744)ALEXANDER POPE 1688-1744 Poet lived in this row, Mawson's Buildings 1716-1719

110 Chiswick Lane South , Chiswick, W4 2LR

RAVILIOUS, Eric (1903-1942)ERIC RAVILIOUS 1903-1942 Artist lived here 1931-1935

48 Upper Mall, Chiswick, W6 9TA

WALKER, Sir Emery (1851-1933)SIR EMERY WALKER 1851-1933 Typographer and antiquary lived here 1903-1933

7 Hammersmith Terrace, Chiswick, W6 9TS

ZOFFANY, Johann (1733-1810)JOHANN ZOFFANY 1733-1810 Painter lived here 1790-1810

65 Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, W4 3PF

Source: OliverFinn

July 19, 2011