Bushells Revisited

Bruce Baxter takes a trip down memory lane to recall his first job as an office boy

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Former Chiswick resident Bruce Baxter recently revisited W4 and took a trip down memory lane to his first job as an office boy at the Estate Agency now know as Bushells.

He told ChiswickW4.com, "Speaking from memory I joined Raymond Bushell & Co at the Chiswick branch in 1949 for a short period. I still remember Raymond Bushell and his wife very clearly.

"The office staff consisted of Mrs Wenham and Mrs James, as the office boy I was trusted with the job of printing out details of houses for sale to be placed in the display window, plus running off of copies of various properties for sale on the gestetner in the 'back'.

"I do not think I will ever forget Mr. Bushell displaying his sleight of hand and always having a coin rolling through his fingers. He impressed on me that there is always a buyer for an article; my job was to find him/her.

"It is with a feeling of nostalgia that I see the old office facade and clearly remember a Mr. Baldwin who used to come and 'grain' the exterior of the front door.

"My employment there was sad to say not of the lengthiest and eventually I joined the RAF and subsequently after changing my career targets finally emigrated to South Africa in 1969. It was pure luck that I was browsing down memory lane that I happened on Raymond Bushell & Co. I stand to correction when I am convinced that the original offices were in Turnham Green Terrace. The U.K. has changed dramatically since my departure but haven’t we all.

"I am now well retired at the age of 75 and fortunately still have all of my faculties but it does my heart good to know that I once was a part of what is now a 70 year institution. At the risk of being accused of pedantic and repeat Mr. Bushell and say 'there is a buyer for everything; your job is to find him/her!'"

Bruce Baxter

August 26, 2009