This Time it's about money - more tube strikes planned

The Moving Consultancy

Jigsaw Conferencing

Caroline Bramley, who works for “The Moving Consultancy” had a problem. Her job is to help people who are moving house, by dealing with all of the awful, time consuming tasks – like organising the furniture removals, notifying the utilities, arranging parking permits and other vital, but tedious activities.

She was working on a particularly complex move for Mr and Mrs Davidson, moving from Chiswick to Dorking. Mrs Davidson was due to leave on a business trip, the completion date was still unclear and they wanted the whole place spring cleaned before they arrived at the new house.

The solution seemed simple, get everyone together for a quick half hour planning meeting. Caroline arranged a meeting with Mr and Mrs Davidson, the removal company rep and the cleaning agency rep – and then found out a tube strike was scheduled for the day of the meeting!

As Caroline said “Most moves are simpler than this, but now I was stuck. Mrs Davidson was leaving the day after the scheduled meeting. I tried to rearrange but there was always someone who couldn’t make it. It seemed the only solution was for me to spend all day on the phone, liasing with all of the parties individually. I simply don't have time to do this and it is never as effective as getting everyone together anyway.”

At the gym, she mentioned the problem to a friend of hers, Rob Brougham, who thought he might be able to help. Rob works for “Jigsaw Conferencing”, who provide conference calls to business customers. Caroline had never considered that conference calls were an option for their sort of business and had no idea how it would work.

Caroline takes up the story again. “Rob told me his company could set up a telephone meeting for us. All those people, scattered across London, could ring in to one central number and talk to each other that way. It seemed like the perfect solution. We went back to the original meeting time and I told everyone to dial my Jigsaw meeting number. I dialled in myself and admit I was a bit nervous, but it worked really well. We had a really effective meeting, within half an hour we had a plan which Mr and Mrs Davidson were delighted with. That conference call only cost £18 and, best of all, it saved me from a whole day on the phone! We’ll certainly be using Jigsaw Conferencing whenever we can from now on, even on days when the tubes are running. Mr and Mrs Davidson, like many of our clients, both work and would have had to take time out of the office to attend the meeting. Half an hour from their desk or mobile is so much easier for them.”

Rob said, "The Moving Consultancy isn’t really a typical conferencing customer, most of our clients do tend to be much larger companies, but we were delighted to help.”

The final word belongs to Mr and Mrs Davidson, now happily living in Dorking. “You always dread moving home – but with the help we had it was so easy. We like our new house, and especially our large garden – but we do miss Chiswick!”

August 9, 2002