Poetry And Story-Telling At Chiswick Library

Three August workshops for kids and young adults

Chiswick Events

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This summer, Chiswick Library is hosting three exciting events aimed at getting the creative juices of children and young adults flowing:

"Worded Worlds", A Poetry and Performance Workshop
Tuesday 19th August | 10am-12pm | Age: 12-14 | Cost: 50p

"The Mythical Maze from History"
(Traditions of the Maze and Theseus and the Minotaur)

Wednesday 20th August | 10am-12pm | Age: 5-10 | Cost: 50p

"I say, You Shout!" A Spoken Word and Performance Workshop

Tuesday 26th August | 10am-12pm | Age: 15-18 | Cost: 50p

Each workshop will be a chance to get involved in performance poetry and storytelling, and will revolve around the theme of this year's Summer Reading Challenge, 'The Mythical Maze'. Limited tickets are available to purchase from Chiswick Library.

All three events at Chiswick Library will be led by Oscar Kolkowski, a professional Storyteller and Performance Poet who has worked with a number of schools and settings within the local community. Making use of traditional folk stories, poetry, myths and legends, children's imaginations are transported to magical worlds through spoken imagery.



August 8, 2014