Railway Footbridge Lighting to be Improved

Schemes for Deans Close and Chiswick Village to be considered

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A project to improve the street lighting around railway footbridges in Chiswick will be put forward for consideration by the Chiswick Area Committee this month. The proposed improvement, with an estimated cost of £10,000, would be financed by fund set aside for environmental improvements and will focus on two specific locations, the footbridge in Chiswick Village leading to Brooks Lane and in Deans Close leading to Herbert Gardens.

Additional street lighting is required in each footpath leading to the steps of both footbridges to bring the standard of street lighting up to levels that are required by current British standards for road and footway lighting. The improvements to the street lighting will not only improve safety and security but will also reduce the fear of crime, encourage walking and develop safer routes to school.

The estimated cost to improve the street lighting at Deans Close / Herbert Gardens is £3,000. The estimated cost to improve the street lighting at Chiswick Village / Brooks Lane is £1.5K, and to improve the street lighting leading from the footbridge to Strand on the green school is estimated to be a further £5.5K.

March 19, 2004