Chiswick Goes Bananas

Global warming brings new fruit to Bedford Park Garden

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Chiswick's bananas


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Thought July was exceptionally hot?? Well, so did Chiswick’s flora. A family in Bedford Park returned from holiday recently to find that the long established banana tree in their garden had fruited for the first time.

ChiswickW4 was granted exclusive access to the banana tree. Although it declined to be interviewed, it did agree to pose for photographs.

The two local Farmers’ Markets may soon be able to both stock bananas and stick to their promise to only supply locally grown produce. Rumours that it was the hot air produced by Chiswick’s chattering classes (talking about High Road House and Controlled Parking Zones) rather than the extra warm summer that led the banana tree to fruit have been strongly denied.

Who knows? If the ever-threatened global warming continues, local coffee shops may soon be able to buy Chiswick coffee beans, too.

August 19, 2006