They're 'A Bit Rude'

But Chiswick teen just wants to make people laugh with his videos

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Forum regulars will be familiar with Miguel Raimond who earns extra pocket money by doing odd jobs for local residents. However, the 14 year old Chiswick schoolboy has another hobby that keeps him busy in his spare time and is now taking off.

"I make videos for YouTube," Miguel told "I recently hit 1,000 subscribers and over 10,000 video views which is amazing!"

Miguel started making videos after he watched some 'pretty funny ones' made by an American boy his own age. "So I thought to myself 'Why don’t I start doing this?'

"So I downloaded webcam recording software from the internet and I started making low quality videos with my webcam. I did not make very good ones but I did get a good response from my Red Nose Day one.

"It seemed to me I was doing pretty well but would need much better equipment so I asked my dad for a HD camera for my birthday and a tripod. From another family member I asked for a program called Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. and I started following tutorials.

"By this time my videos were a bit rude but of much higher quality and this is when I started gaining subscribers."

Miguel's videos aren't everyone's cup of tea but those who are or can remember being 14 may find them amusing. "I try my best to make people laugh," says Miguel.

July 15, 2010