German Shepherd Dog Missing From Chiswick House

Residents appeal for help to find Dita

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Battersea Dogs Home

Lost Dogs and Cats - fill in found eform. The form will be processed within an hour and you will be emailed with a reference number.


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An all black female German Shepherd dog named Dita went missing on Friday (18th July) evening when a neighbour's child took her for a walk in Chiswick House grounds.

Dita is about the size of a border collie with a small tear in one ear, and a bump over one eye (she has apparently been in the wars a bit) but otherwise looks exactly like in the photo.

She is very shy of strange people and would more likely run away from people than approach them.

"If you are out walking anywhere this weekend please keep an extra sharp eye out for Dita, it's been a day since she was seen, and she could be anywhere by now. Also if you chat to anyone in the park, please mention it and ask them
to call the Battersea Dogs Home Lost Dogs line if they spot her or call 07768 540849."

There have been unconfirmed sightings of Dita in the Barnes area in the last few days.

July 23, 2008