Monster Does A Disappearing Act

Grove Park owner asks residents to keep an eye out for her missing cat

Email Jo or call her on 020 8995 9026


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Grove Park Resident Jo Mansel Bentley is asking readers to help her find her cat.

She said, "I am absolutely desperate as my cat Monster is either stuck up my chimney, or else he has gone all the way and escaped on to the roof and away, and I would like to appeal to readers to let me know if you find him.

"He is a black and white cat. He only arrived in Chiswick on Saturday with my son who can no longer look after him. I have two other cats who didn't make him welcome.

"I shut all doors and windows on Saturday night, locked the cat flap and went to bed. In the morning Monster had disappeared. He could only have gone up the chimney! Since then there has been no sound or sign of him.

"Please, if anyone has seen him, let me know. My house is in Grove Park near Chiswick train station. Monster may be trying to find his way back to Streatham, his former home."

Email Jo or call her on 020 8995 9026

September 24, 2009