Grants also made for new trees and the interment of cremated remains at Chiswick Old Cemetery

Children and the environment will benefit from the allocation of grants totalling more than £28,000. The allocation, from the local Area Committee’s Capital budget, was made at the latest meeting. The committee has an allocation of £37,000 for 2002/03.

The approval of £6789.13 to the Riverside Children’s Centre, in Edensor Road, Chiswick, will provide a new safety surface, carpeting and cupboards to ensure that the 26 children attending the daycare scheme can play in a safer environment.

A spokesman for the area committee said that there was were still funds available for other good causes locally and the doors wide open for applications.

Tina Heighes, manager of the Riverside Children’s Centre, said, “we are overjoyed to be receiving this grant as we are a registered charity and run on a very tight budget. The children will benefit from these improvements as it will make a very safe environment for them to play in."

Funds of £10,000 have also been approved for new trees within Chiswick. The trees will be planted within Chiswick and a maintenance contract will be arranged. Councillors in Chiswick will be asked to identify areas within the town for the new trees to be placed.

In addition, £12,000 has been approved for the Interment of cremated remains at Chiswick Old Cemetery. The interment was discussed at the June monitoring meeting of the Chiswick Area Committee.

October 1, 2002