Tackling Homelessness Amongst Ex-Service Personnel

Development of Chiswick's War Memorial Homes now well underway

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The War Memorial Homes development was met with great opposition from local residents, the council was even accused of 'running rough shod' over the Conservation Area but The Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation received their planning permission and the building works are now well underway on Burlington Lane.

The Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation has been offering practical support for ex-Service personnel since 1917 and is the leading charity dealing with homelessness amongst the ex-Service community.

Recent research has shown that on any given night there are 1,100 homeless ex-Service personnel in London alone; they tend to be older than the civilian homeless and 63% suffer from alcohol abuse problems. Homeless ex-Service people are also more likely to be homeless for longer than the civilian homeless. as their situation is exacerbated by a long standing disconnection from civilian life and a lack of transferable skills.

Fundraising Manager Katie Truss told ChiswickW4.com, "We believe that our Veterans deserve better than this and the Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation is therefore committed to building and sustaining communities within which ex-Service people can live positively and healthily.

"Through these communities we are successful in breaking the common cycle of homelessness; no one who has come to the Foundation from a homeless background has returned to the streets. However, more Veterans need our homes and support than we currently have available, so we are committed to providing more support and more homes to house to these vulnerable individuals."

Although their main office is in Fulham, the Foundation is the sole Trustee of Chiswick War Memorial Homes on Burlington Lane.

"We are currently embarking on a two-stage re-development strategy to transform the original small and crumbling estate on Burlington Lane into a modern and well-facilitated community for 36 Veterans and their families, providing full tenant support, employment training, and health and well-being activities."

Further information about the foundation can be found here.

May 13, 2009