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Parents in Touch enjoy party of the year thanks to Help a London Child


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It was the party of the year thanks to Capital Radio’s charity Help a London Child. Members of Chiswick-based voluntary organisation Parents in Touch made their way to Haven Green in Ealing to take part in a fabulous wheelchair session on the open air rink, alongside family and other members who supposedly had two good legs.

Wheelchair-users took advantage for once as they sped around the rink with some expert guidance whilst those on skates struggled to get round in one piece.

It was an unusual reversal of roles with normally more mobile members undertaking the challenge of staying upright, whilst those in chairs moved at speed.

Thankfully there were no lasting injuries, although a loss of balance from more than one skater caused a few bruises and much laughter, particularly between wheelchair user Jared and his twin George.

A generous amount of funding from Help a London Child ensured the party continued at a nearby church hall, where a disco and some professional face-painting meant there was something for everyone.

The party was exclusive to members of Parents in Touch, an organisation formed by a group of parents and carers wishing to support each other through the challenges of having a child with disability.

"Our normal focus is to help members access things like appropriate education or social care, so it's a welcome change to organise something with such a big fun factor," said PiT Secretary Karen Adams.

"I can't recall when we as a family received an invite to a big party. Events like this are really few and far between," she added.

Parents in Touch hope to change this by making the party an annual occasion, in response to consultation with their members earlier in the year.

January 2, 2009