Anger Over Airedale Avenue Parking Bay Boundary

John Todd calls for action to stop residents getting ticketed

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A foot-long gap between painted boundary signs in the CPZ bays in Airedale Avenue has led to locals being given parking tickets.

Parking wardens are issuing tickets if the wheels of a vehicle extends over the painted 'boundary' into the gap between the two bays. This is despite the fact that the residents are in possession of a current CPZ permit valid for both bays.

john todd parking

One local had an appeal rejected, but Cllr John Todd says the fault lies with the inadequate marking - a similar problem in Netheravon Road was resolved when two similar bays were re-marked.

"In my view this unintended Chiswick CPZ exclusion zone gap of one foot should either be removed or LBH exercise its discretion and advise CEO's to cease issuing PCN's. Recent Govt guidance and related legislation advises local authorities not to be punitive towards motorists", he commented.

Cllr Todd has brought the matter to the attention of Hounslow Council's parking department.

April 17, 2015