Car parking charges up again in Chiswick

Increases makes it £1.40 per hour to park near the High Road

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Hounslow Council have published notices in the area announcing that charges in local pay and display car parks are to rise.

From 1st April, it will cost £1.40 per hour up from the previous rate of £1.20 an hour.

The rates are the most expensive in the borough but the Council defended the rise saying that other areas had also seen charges increase and the rate of increase was higher than in Chiswick.

A spokesperson for London borough of Hounslow said  “We want to encourage throughput in the busy Chiswick area - park, shop and go. We know that many local people walk to the shops and this all contributes to the sense of community. The thing to remember is that even though parking charges in Chiswick are slightly higher than other parts of the borough, this is due to supply and demand in the area. Parking in Chiswick is still cheaper than neighbouring Hammersmith or Ealing.”

Parking remains a controversial issue in the area as Chiswick residents pay higher permit charges than elsewhere in the borough and it was recently revealed that a disproportionate number of clamping and removals were taking place in this area. 

March 24, 2006