Clean Sweep for Parking Wardens

As motorists are targeted following seasonal street cleaning

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Motorists have been left angry and frustrated after following council directions.

The street cleansing department of Hounslow Council erected signs asking residents to either park their cars in another street or, if that was not possible, to park six inches away from the kerb thus allowing the removal of leaves.

However, it would appear that no one told the parking wardens who issued PCNs to a number of residents' vehicles because they had two wheels were outside the white lines of the bays or in other words 'parked six inches away from the kerb.'

One resident of Beverley Road, who is appealing the PCN, said “It’s ridiculous. I did exactly what I was asked to by the council and they give me a ticket!”

We asked Hounslow’s Head of Parking to clarify the council’s position on this issue. The response was "The Council’s Cleansing department is responsible for signage advertising street and gully cleansing operations. 

"The signs advise residents of the date of the street cleansing and ask that they park elsewhere on that day."

December 7, 2007