Fined For Delivering In Wrong Type Vehicle

Devonshire Road trader penalised for using loading bay for unloading goods

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A Devonshire Road trader has complained to Hounslow Council about a PCN he received for using a loading bay to unload goods for this business.

He told, “I parked in the loading bay across from my business so that I could take stuff from my car. Whilst I was inside I got a parking ticket.”

He continued, “I accept that the parking warden didn’t know that the car belonged to a business owner but it wouldn’t have been relevant anyway because it wasn’t a ‘goods vehicle’.”

“I feel that I’ve been penalised for not owning or being able to afford a delivery van!” he added.

However, even if he could afford a van or indeed needed one, he would have still received a PCN if it had been a light goods vehicle ie. under 3.5 tonnes.

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council said, “The Devonshire Road loading bay is for heavy goods vehicles, to prevent smaller vehicles taking the space and causing a large vehicle to block a busy road."

All of Chiswick’s loading bays operate under the same rules and therefore can only be used by heavy goods vehicles.

Even if a vehicle is being used to transport goods to or from business, if it is lighter than 3.5 tonnes, which is classified as a light goods vehicle, it must be parked in a pay and display parking bay or on a parking meter.

October 3, 2008