One Rule For Council's Tow-Trucks

And another for every other motorist in Chiswick

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Two Chiswick residents captured a Hounslow Council tow truck clearly displaying the fact that there is one rule for them and another for everyone else.

The tow-truck (pictured below) parks on a single yellow on the corner of Horticultural Place and Heathfield Terrace each morning blocking access to any any vehicle larger than an ordinary car.

As these photos show, the Council's recycling lorry had to reverse on to the pavement to gain access.

But woe betide any motorist who thinks that these images allow them to park on single yellow lines for a resident of Duke Road sent the image below showing the Lexus 4 x 4 being removed from a similar spot.

"This car was lifted this morning from the corner of Duke Road and Binns Road," said Albert Buza. "It was not causing any obvious obstruction however, whilst removing the vehicle the Hounslow tow-truck blocked Duke Road for some time meaning that divers had to negotiate their way around the streets of the Glebe Estate."


July 7, 2009

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