Chiswick computer ace solves 'Password Anxiety' problem

New software launched to make surfing more convenient and secure

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A 40-day trial version of Easy Password Manger can be downloaded from and can be purchased online for £12.99.


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David Shattu a computer programmer for IT consultancy Polygon Enterprises, from Staveley Gardens, Chiswick, launches his software product Easy Password Manager this week, and hopes to bring to an end two off the biggest bug bears of using the internet: Keeping track of all your passwords, and filling out online 'web forms' required for many Internet services.

With the ever-increasing amount of online services requiring different passwords and logins, there are only so many children's and mother's maiden names a person can use. Even when you do remember your passwords, it can still be a pain going through the login process.

Then there's the chore of endlessly filling out your name and address details when you make a purchase on the web, or sign up to a new service.

David Shattu's Easy Password Manager solves both these problems by providing a secure password management system that allows One-Click login to many Internet accounts. A single Master Password is used to gives access to all your other passwords and other contained data. It also has an integrated Form Filler that automates the process of filling in some online web forms. All information is stored in an “encrypted” scrambled format making it unreadable without the master password.

The young programmer, who studied at Chiswick Community School comments: "Password Security is a real problem for some people. Many people lose track of their passwords because they invent new ones each time they open a new internet account, creating 'Password Anxiety', while others ignore the problem by using the same password over and over again, which compromises security. This is a seriously bad idea, with the growing problem of computer cracking and identity theft."

"There are other potentially embarrassing problems. A friend of mine who signed up to an online betting website one day forgot his password. He phoned up the support help line who said he first had to correctly answer his own security question which he submitted when initially signing up. He was deeply embarrassed when the telephone operator asked him, "What was the name of the lady to whom you first made love?". After that it did not take much to convince him of the benefits of Easy Password Manager"

A survey of 150 office workers by Infosec security last year found 16% used their own name as a password, 11 % their favourite football team and 8 % date of birth. The most commonly used password was "password" used by 12% of people*.

July 23, 2003