Chiswick Roundabout Landmark Goes To Planning Committee

Councillors to hear proposals for Shuttleworth designed building

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Chiswick Roundabout Landmark Goes To Planning Committee

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Gateway Landmark Planned For Chiswick Roundabout


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Plans to build a 'gateway landmark' on an area of land close to Chiswick Roundabout will be discussed at the Chiswick Area Committee Planning Meeting on Tuesday 19th January.

No stranger to these meetings, developer Kim Gottlieb is hoping that after 13 years of having planning applications being granted and refused he will now be able to realise his landmark dream.

Objections have been raised by Brentford Community Council and the Highways Agency Objected but Transport for London said they had no objections to the proposed building in principle although they did make some recommendations with regard to advertising. London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham made no objections at all.

A detailed Planning Report For Chiswick Area Committee will be presentated at Tuesday's meeting. The applicants London Bath & Galliard have prepared their Response to Report.

Kim Gottlieb told, "The primary objective of this current proposal is to provide a gateway landmark at a key juncture on the most important route into one of the world's greatest capital cities.

"This might sound like a lofty and grand aspiration, but we believe that the site deserves it and that the proposal will achieve this."

January 19, 2010