“Oversized Profit Maximising” Development Riles Residents

But owners defend plans to build two houses on site of Ramillies Road bungalow

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The development of Ramillies Road was back in the news this week after residents expressed their concerns over a planning application to demolish a 3 bedroom bungalow and build in two new semi-detached buildings in its place.

A resident who lives close to the site said "The proposed new buildings seem to be of a standard off-the-peg design quite oblivious to the Bedford Park ambience, unattractive and obtrusive - with the overriding priority of space maximisation and profit.

"This is clearly a great property development money-spinner. We all understand people's desire to appropriately expand their living space. But this type of overdevelopment seems to be purely about profit at the expense of our neighbourhood. A hefty price is also to be paid by residents of Ramillies Road (and Rusthall Avenue to the rear), who would be obliged to endure major disruption (to traffic and parking) and noise for up to twelve months."

However, the owners of the bungalow, who have lived in Chiswick for the past decade, have defended their plans saying "First and foremost, we are not “developers” nor do we try to act “cannily” or “know the planning game”. Our new proposal for two semi-detached houses takes our neighbours’ and Ealing Council’s commentary fully into account and has been developed following an extensive consultation with Ealing Council. Particular attention has been given to make them fit the pleasant character of our neighbourhood and the surrounding properties and a lot of professional effort has gone into making sure of that."

They continued "These houses, will not be “obtrusive” nor will they be “bulky. They will be of the same size as other houses on Ramillies Road and Rusthall Avenue. These two properties are designed to be in keeping with the neighbourhood and comply with all local guidelines rules and regulations set by the planning authorities. We want to ensure that our neighbours’ views and their resulting decision are not formed by who shouts the loudest or can summon resistance to all positive change, but rather by facts and realities."

The original plans were turned down last year by planning officials at Ealing Council on the grounds of "overdevelopment, harm to the character and appearance of the locality; and loss of privacy". A similar scheme at 72 Ramilies Road, where plans to demolish a small bungalow and garage and build two houses upset neighbours, was also refused.

To comment on the planning application contact Ruth Coppins at Planning Services, Ealing Council, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Rd, London W5 2HL quoting P/2006/106 and the site address (13 Ramillies Rd., W4 1JW) or email Planning@ealing.gov.uk.

May 14, 2007