A Cheat's Guide to Elections in Chiswick

A quick survey of what's at stake locally

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Local Borough Wards

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Brentford and Isleworth - General Election

If you live in W4 and pay your Council Tax to Hounslow you will be voting in the Brentford and Isleworth constituency.

The bookies currently have Tory candidate Mary Macleod as an odds-on favourite with Liberal Democrat Andrew Dakers and sitting MP Ann Keen neck and neck for second place.

Candidate Party
Aamir Javed Bhatti The Christian Party
Andrew Dakers Liberal Democrats
Ann Keen Labour
David Cunningham English Democrats
Evangeline Pillai Christian Peoples Alliance
Jason Hargreaves UKIP
John Hunt Green Party
Mary Macleod Conservative
Paul Winnett
British National Party
Teresa Vanneck-Surplice Independent

Ealing Central and Acton - General Election

The part of Chiswick that is in Ealing Borough is now part of this new constituency. Formerly Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush and held by Labour, it is now a target seat for the three main parties. Ladbrokes make Angie Bray 4/9 to win. Jon Ball of the Liberal Democrats has seen his odds shorten in the run up to the election to 7/4 pulling ahead of the Labour candidate Bassam Mahfouz.



Akaki, Sam


Ball, Jon

Liberal Democrat

Bray, Angie


Carter, Julie

UK Independence Party

Edwards, Sarah

Green Party

Fernandes, Suzanne

Christian Party

Mahfouz, Bassam

Labour Party

Hounslow Borough - Local Election

The Conservatives currently control the Council in a coalition with the Isleworth Community Group. Nine of their seats are from the Chiswick wards and they are expected to retain them so the future make up of the Council is likely to be determined elsewhere in the borough. The Conservatives need to win another 7 seats to gain overall control whilst Labour needs to gain 8 to win back the Council.

Current Composition of Council
Party No. of Seats
Liberal Democrat

Ealing Borough - Local Election

The Conservatives hold the borough by a large margin. Labour will be hoping that special factors such as the West London tram explained their surprisingly large defeat last time out and that they will stage a rebound. The Liberal Democrats will be looking to win more seats including the one they don't currently hold in the local Southfield ward.

Current Composition of Council
Party No. of Seats
Liberal Democrat

Local Wards

See map above

Chiswick Homefields Ward

Three seats - currently all Conservative

Name Party
Bleach, Martin James Green
Glennerster Ann Labour
Hopper, David Edward Labour
McGregor Gerald Alexander Richard Conservative
Oulds, Robert
Pillai, Evangeline Christian Peoples Alliance
Soley, Anita Labour
Todd, John Richard Conservative
Thomas, Julie Vanessa Liberal Democrat

Chiswick Riverside Ward

Three seats - currently all Conservative

Name Party
Atkinson, Judith Labour
Ballentyne, Phyllis Ann Liberal Democrat
Barwood, Felicity Conservative
Goldsmith, Daniel Charles Green
Hearn, Thomas Samuel Conservative
Lynch, Paul Kevin James Conservative
O'Brady, Niamh Labour
Yates, Valerie Labour

Turnham Green Ward

Three seats - currently all Conservative

Name Party
Agius, Anthony Green
Davies, Samantha Teresa Conservative
Lee,Adrian Hughes Conservative
Mann, Ian Henderson Liberal Democrat
McLoughlin, David Labour
Mayorcas, Jack Amadeus Labour
Nathan, Peter Labour
Thompson, Peter Conservative

Southfield Ward (Ealing Borough)

Three seats - currently two Liberal Democrat and one Conservative

Candidate Party
Andrew Timothy Steed Liberal Democrat
Colin Bastin Labour
Eleri Ebeneezer Conservative
Gary Malcolm Liberal Democrat
Harvey Burlingham Rose Liberal Democrat
Jack Freeman Conservative
Jack Tattersall Labour
Linda Jean Kietz Labour
Mohammed Zohair Jiwa Green
Rex Edward John Carter U.K. Independence
Robert George Morley Conservative


May 5, 2010