The Chiswick High Road Rubbish Dump

A strike by refuse collectors in Hounslow took many people by surprise and Chiswick High Road saw scenes this week reminiscent of the "Winter of Discontent"

Due to the short notice given to the Council by the unions there was only a brief period to provide residents with notice of the strike action. As a consequence many homes and businesses were unaware that no collections would be taking place and left their rubbish bags out as normal. In the event reports suggest that, in residential areas, about 50% of homes made alternative arrangements to stow or dispose of their refuse.

On the High Road however the percentage appeared to be much lower with mountains of waste appearing very quickly with businesses appearing to be unaware of the strike or wilfully ignoring the notice. A pile near Burger King at the junction with Heathfield Terrace reached nearly 6 ft high. Residents near the High Road are reporting increased sitings of rats and foxes as a consequence.

One local commented, "On my road we kept each other informed and took each other's refuse to the tip so we avoided a stinking pile of rubbish throughout the week. With a small bit of co-operation local businesses could have done the same. They need to get themselves properly organised or people will simply stop shopping on the High Road."

Collections will resume from Monday 11th November. Further industrial action of this nature is not ruled out. Residents in Ealing borough were unaffected.

November 10, 2002

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