Chiswick Escapes the Worst as London Burns

Gangs roam West London in a night of terror and chaos


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In scenes of unprecedented mass disorder many parts of London were taken over by gangs of youths intent on looting and destruction.

Chiswick was relatively unscathed but one of the worst hit areas during the night was Ealing where cars and buildings were burned by the mob. The fires over Ealing could be seen from Chiswick and the acrid smell of burning was very evident.

The only reported damage was to the Vodaphone shop on Chiswick High Road which had its window smashed.

Ealing saw scenes of total chaos as police struggled to contain gangs of lawless youths who ran amok in Ealing and west Ealing.

photo from Ealingvia twitter @ Vitu_E

Ealing saw scenes of total chaos as police struggled to contain gangs of lawless youths who ran amok in Ealing and west Ealing.

Shops were looted and cars and buses set on fire - witnessed by many including Ealing Councillor Jon Ball who had a bottle thrown at his car.

It's just the latest trouble in towns throughout London (and beyond) sparked after a protest in Tottenham on Saturday after Mark Duggan was shot.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is returning from holiday as is the Prime Minister David Cameron who has summoned the emergency Cobra committee.

Riot police tried to seal off parts of Ealing last night but it didn't stop gangs of youths causing a huge amount of destruction.

Council Leader Cllr Julian Bell said, "The disorder I witnessed in Ealing last night was deeply disturbing, not just because of the level of lawlessness and criminal damage that has taken place but also because it has happen here.

''The council is doing everything possible to help the police restore order in our community and we will be undertaking a big clean up operation in the morning. We need calm to return to our streets and I would appeal to all those young people taking part in these disturbances to go home and think about the consequences of their actions for their victims, their community and their futures."

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh said, "Let me make it clear that people who are using current events as an excuse or cover to break the law, steal, attack police officers and cause fear to Londoners will not be tolerated by the vast majority of Londoners and us. "Our investigation, which is massive in scope, is continuing. We are liaising with businesses and communities across London, including at a borough level to keep people up to date with what we are doing.

"I would ask Londoners if you know anything that may help us please get in touch with us via 020 8345 4142."

August 9, 2011


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