All Quiet on the West Four Front

Massive police presence ensures no violence last night


Chiswick Escapes the Worst as London Burns

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Chiswick and the rest of London enjoyed a mainly peaceful night last night as the scourge of looting and disorder moved to other cities in England.

Many shops closed up early and some offices sent their workers home mid-afternoon but the High Road never became the sole preserve of the police with many people determined not to be intimidated. TV presenter Clare Balding tweeted that she would be spending the evening in a Chiswick restaurant to show support and Charlottes on Turnham Green Terrace stayed open serving anti-riot mojitos.

From Twitter - @paulharvey99

Like many shops on Chiswick High Road Dominos was boarded up

Further looting in London seems to have been avoided by a huge increase in police numbers with 16,000 officers on the streets. This was three times the amount that were out on the previous night which saw devastation in town centres such as Ealing.

The police have announced that so far 768 people have been arrested in connection with violence, disorder and looting. 167 people have been charged. They are also publishing photographs of people suspected of causing disorder in London and asking for help in identifying them.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh said, ""If you have been one of those people who believe you are above the law and have the right to rob, damage and scare people let me make it clear our investigation team is determined to come and track you down.

"I would like to remark upon the considerable bravery and resilience shown by members of our community overnight. People intervening to make their disgust known about the activities of these mindless yobs. Our officers, and crew from Fire and Ambulance all demonstrated their bravery, as they were attacked whilst trying to protect our streets."

August 11, 2011


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