Chiswick Lifeboat Evacuates Sixteen

Dramatic rescue of stricken pleasure boat as darkness falls

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The Chiswick Lifeboat rescued sixteen people from a pleasure boat which became stuck after suffering engine failure this week.

The dramatic rescue came about as the MV Kingwood, a traditional-style Thames steamer became stuck when debris apparently got into its cooling water intake last Wednesday evening.

The vessel anchored near Richmond Lock but as the tide turned, the anchor started dragging and the boat was heading for the bank.

Sixteen passengers , who were becoming increasingly anxious as darkness approached , were evacuated onto the lifeboat which brought them all back safely to shore.

The incident happened at 18.45 p.m. After the operation it was initially decided to tow the boat to Kew Pier to moor it, but Chiswick Lifeboat helmsman , Peter Knight managed to clear the blockage, with the assistance of the boat's enginner and it proceeded under its own power.


At the same time, a Thames Clipper collided with Tower Pier in central London and Tower RNLI had to evacuate fifty passengers. Fourteen people were injured and four were taken to hospital.

RNLI station manager at Chiswick, Wayne Bellamy said the incidents had happened at the same time, sixteen miles apart. The coastguard had been able to call upon additional resources from the river police and PLA, he said, thus enabling the Chiswick lifeboat to remain at the Richmond incident.

The Chiswick lifeboat, which has been operating since January 2002, has responded to 1940 emergency calls. There are four RNLI lifeboats stationed on the Thames.

October 8, 2011