Second Stage Consultation On CPZ Proposals

Detailed designs to be circulated to Grove Park and Strand on the Green residents

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Review of Consultation Results

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The Chiswick Area Planning Committee decided last week to proceed with the second stage of the CPZ consultation process for Grove Park / Strand on the Green.

Detailed designs will now been drawn up and a questionnaire circulated to residents. An exhibition about the schemes will be mounted and a properly advertised public meeting held so that everyone can see what is proposed and have their comments taken into account.

Shop keepers will be asked for their views on the parking arrangements that would best suit the needs of the shopping areas.

Chair of the Committee Sam Hearn told, "The ultimate decision on whether or not to proceed with some or all of the proposals will be made after the results of the second stage consultation have been collated and reported on to the CAC by Officers.

"Councillors who could benefit from or be disadavantaged by the proposed schemes will not be allowed to take part in the final decision."

Details of the proposals are available via the Hounslow Council website as part the papers for last Tuesday’s meeting.

The proposed schemes would aim to reduce the impact of commuter parking on the lives of residents living, working and shopping in the area during normal working hours.

Any charges associated with the schemes would be used to pay for their upkeep and enforcement and could not be used to fund general Council expenditure.

February 15, 2010