27 Bus Route Extension to Chiswick Business Park

Scheme gets TfL agreement to go ahead later this year

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Following a consultation on proposals to extend the 27 bus route to Chiswick Business Park, Transport for London have confirmed that they hope to go ahead with this scheme in October 2010, once external funding has been agreed.

Buses would travel from Turnham Green along Chiswick High Road and through the business park before terminating at a new stop and stand towards the north of the business park.

TfL said that the proposal was well-received by members of the public, with 70 per cent of respondents indicating that they supported the proposals and a further 14 per cent expressing no preference.

Response to issues raised in public consultation

"The extension is unnecessary and will increase congestion on Chiswick High Road without offering any new benefits."

TfL: The extension will serve the northern part of the Chiswick Office Park site, an area which would otherwise be more than 400 metres from a bus stop. It will also increase frequencies and create new links along Chiswick High Road.

"Not serving Heathfield Terrace will disadvantage passengers accessing local homes and the post office."

TfL: Heathfield Terrace is a short walk from stops on Chiswick High Road.

"It should be extended to Gunnersbury Park via Gunnersbury Avenue and could enter Chiswick Park from Bollo Lane via Chiswick High Road, Chiswick Roundabout, Gunnersbury Avenue and Gunnersbury Lane."

TfL: The main objective of the extension is to serve Chiswick Park. A further extension to Gunnersbury Avenue and Gunnersbury Park would require extra subsidy which could not be justified by the likely extra benefits. The routeing proposed is the most direct and convenient for passengers. Any other route would cost more and require extra resources which could not be justified.

"It should stop outside Gunnersbury Station."

TfL: We intend to install new stops in both directions on the access road just north of Chiswick High Road.

March 22, 2010