Fishers Lane to close again!

This time work to take place at night time


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Fishers Lane ChiswickWorried Chiswick residents thought that the chaos of the end of last year was about to return as big yellow signs appeared again on Fishers Lane.

Chiswick was brought to a stand still as the badly timed closure of the bridge for repainting caused massive traffic jams.

More work is needed on the bridge although this time Ealing Council have opted to schedule the work at night when closure of the road is likely to have less effect. Fishers Lane will be closed for bridge maintenance works on the 16th and 17th February between 0000 and 0530 hours.

Sadly the upheavals caused by the previous closure seem to have been for naught as the new powder blue paint work on the bridge was quickly vandalised with graffiti.

February 13, 2004