Have Your Say on a Southfield Road Crossing

Ealing Council consultation ends January 10th

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Southfield Road

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Ealing Council is proposing to install a zebra crossing on Southfield Road.

Due to the nature and volume of traffic using the road, it is often difficult for users of Southfield Recreation Ground and other road users to cross safely. From the result of the Council’s traffic and pedestrian survey, the desired path for all users was determined and measures proposed to alleviate the issue.

The proposal is a zebra crossing to be situated outside 129 Southfield Road. This includes a
kerb build-out on the northside to create better visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike.
Furthermore, grey anti-skid surfacing will be provided on the approach to the crossing and
tactile paving to assist the visually impaired.

Details of the proposals can be seen on the consultation drawing which can be found here. Once you have viewed the consultation drawing there is a questionnaire which you can complete.

Your views are an important factor in the council’s decision-making process and contribute towards the decision.

The closing date for this consultation is 10 January 2012.

December 29, 2011