High Road Pruning Works Postponed

Disruption from Hammersmith flyover closure leads to delay

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Hounslow Council have postponed plans for tree pruning works on Chiswick High Road to avoid adding to the congestion caused by the closure of the Hammersmith Flyover.

When original conceived, the plans did have a traffic management programme which involved consultation with the Traffic Section. Currently Chiswick High Road is regularly gridlocked and the situation is likely to deteriorate further as more schools return from holidays.

The reason for carrying out works during this time of the year is because the street trees on Chiswick High Road are predominantly London Planes. As per the current tree strategy, forest trees such as 'Limes' and 'Planes' are pruned on a 3 year cycle.

The Council have to prioritise pruning of plane trees during winter and before they come into leaf. The short, stiff hairs shed by the young leaves and dispersing seeds are an irritant if breathed in, and can exacerbate breathing difficulties.

No revised calendar for the pruning works has been published. That is likely to be dependent on the reopening of the flyover.

January 5, 2012