Plan to Make Sutton Court Road/A4 Junction Safer Unveiled

Councillors welcome scheme after numerous collisions at location

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A busy Chiswick junction near the A4 which sees regular traffic snarl-ups and collisions, could be made safer under  a new plan unveiled by Transport for London (TfL).

The transport body has  developed proposals to improve facilities for cyclists and pedestrians and improve road safety for everyone who uses the A4 Ellesmere Road/Cedars Road junction with Sutton Court Road. TfL have invited the public to respond to their plans before February 10th 2012.

Chiswick Councillor  Peter Thompson today welcomed the news and locals had been lobbying for improvements at this location for years.

"We have all experienced frustration at this junction and witnessed numerous collisions so I am delighted that TfL are consulting on plans to make things easier for drivers and pedestrians".

He urged the public to read the proposals and make their views known to TfL on the plans. According to TfL, the benefits of the scheme include the following measures;

• Changing the junction signal timings to give vehicles turning right from Sutton Court Road (north arm) onto the A4 (west arm) time to turn without conflict from other vehicles travelling through the junction.

• Reducing the length of the staggered crossing across the A4 so that it is quicker and easier for pedestrians to cross.

• Increasing the width of the refuge island on Sutton Court Road (north arm) so there is more shared space for pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

• Changing the lane markings on the Sutton Court Road (north arm) approach to the junction. This will help improve traffic flow by making it easier for vehicles to pass buses stationary at the nearby bus stop.

• Changing the kerb side approach lane on Sutton Court Road (south arm) to left turn only in order to reduce conflicts between turning vehicles.

• Widening the crossing area on Sutton Court Road (south arm) to provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians to pass each other.

• Improving the local streetscape environment, with new trees and seating installed

TfL say their aim is to make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to move through the junction and help to encourage more people to travel on foot or by bicycle in the local area. They will also help to reduce the number of collisions that occur at the junction every year.

Further information and comments can be submitted  online until Friday, February 10th, at : or

Consultation and Engagement Centre
Surface Transport Communications
Transport for London
11th Floor, Zone G8, Palestra
197 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NJ


January 27, 2012