Sutton Court Road Yellow Lines Raise Fears of CPZ 'Creep'

New parking restrictions are to tackle extra congestion in the area


Traffic Order for Sutton Court Road Parking Restrictions

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Hounslow Council plan to introduce further parking restrictions on Sutton Court Road, Staveley Road, Fauconberg Road and Lawford Road in what is believed to be a response to complaints about increased traffic congestion in the area.

Parking on Sutton Court Road

Some local residents say that there has been a significant increase in the number of cars parked in and around Sutton Court Road since the implementation of a Controlled Parking Zone in Park Road and Staveley Road. This has had the knock-on effect of causing traffic tailbacks on the road as the road is often too narrow for smooth two way traffic movement particularly when lorries and buses are driving on this road. Opponents of the Grove Park CPZ fear that this is a fulfillment of their predictions of CPZ 'creep' in which displaced parking from one area leads to demand for restrictions in adjacent streets.

A traffic order was issued on August 18th by the council and is due to come into effect on 1st September.

There will now be double yellow lines on the western side of Sutton Court Road between the A4 and Elmwood Road and a single yellow line on the eastern side between the A4 and Staveley Road operating from 7am to 7pm. Additional double yellow lines will be placed around the junction of Staveley Road, Sutton Court Road and Fauconberg Road.

Further details and a map of the new restrictions are given on Hounslow Council's traffic order.

August 31, 2014