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Bedford Park residents are angry over a move by Hounslow Council to introduce new parking restrictions on twelve roads in the area. Locals claim this is unnecessary and will remove dozens of badly needed parking bays.

The Council is proposing to extend the yellow lines at most junctions and to convert them into double 24-hour lines in the Hounslow controlled area of Bedford Park.

The proposals cover:
Abinger Road
Addison Grove
Bath Road
Blenheim Road
Fairfax Road
Flanders Road
Gainsborough Road
Lonsdale Road
Priory Avenue
Priory Gardens
Roman Road
Rupert Road

The Council is proposing to introduce ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions at all road junctions across the borough following a Single Member Decision of 11th November 2015 where it has been agreed to proceed with a borough-wide ‘Junction Protection’ programme.
The Council says that implementation of these restrictions will prevent obstruction caused by parked vehicles and will improve safety and sightlines for motorists and pedestrians and for those with mobility impairments.

The Bedford Park Society said, "The proposals do not make it clear that a significant number of parking bays will be lost. The Society’s view is that these proposals are unnecessary. They will remove valuable parking spaces and we do not believe that they will improve road safety. In particular, removal of parked cars will increase driving speed rather than reduce it. We feel that the current level of yellow lines is appropriate and adequate for road safety. When the controlled parking zone was originally introduced, similar proposals were made and we successfully resisted them. "

The matter has has led to a discussion on our forum

You can read the full extent of the changes in the notice of proposed junction protection waiting restrictions

February 26, 2017

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