Bin Cage On Thornton Avenue To Be Moved Soon

Large eyesore to be sited on Chiswick Back Common this week

locked bins inside metal casing


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The "eyesore" bin cage which appeared in Thornton Avenue to the annoyance of local residents is to be moved this week, according to the latest reports.

It will be relocated to Chiswick Back Common across the road. from where it is currently situated. It was supposed to have been removed by 26 May.

The large metal locked enclosure containing what appear to be rubbish bins, appeared last month at the end of the street where it meets Turnham Green Terrace and had been bolted to the ground over a Keep Clear sign.

Locals complained that it had been placed in a most unsuitable location causing significant inconvenience to residents and a danger to pedestrians when cars are required to do a three point turn in Thornton Avenue.

Locals also complained that it blocks an emergency access.

The cage is a temporary location for a bin store, required to facilitate the signals upgrade for the Turnham Green Station

Hounslow Highways had granted a permit for the bin to to stay in place until May 2018 without any dialogue with elected representatives or adequate consultation with residents.

Hounslow Highways confirmed that a licence has been issued until 2nd May 2018, although it is expected that the works will be completed by TfL in early January 2018. It seems that a number of alternative locations were suggested by the contractor, but these were rejected by Hounslow Highways due to environmental and heavy footfall issues.

July 2, 2017

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