'Monster Potholes' Face Two Year Delay For Repairs

Local councillor is furious over the lack of action by local authority


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Local Councillor John Todd has again revived the issue of the the 'monster' potholes on Windmill Road, and is angry that Hounslow Highways says the road is not due for treatment until 2019/2020.

"I have never seen such a deep dangerous pothole as the one in Windmill Road. Cyclists particularly, are in danger," he commented. He said several residents living in the area of Chiswick Back Common had brought it to his attention.


However Windmill Road is not the only street with potholes, as residents in several other locations have been complaining.


Councillor Todd was told in relation to Windmill Road, that Hounslow Highways had looked into the data collated over the past 5 years and the projected date for remedial work on Windmill Road was 2020.

He was told that the Road Section Length (RSL) used to decide on these issues was scoring well on structure and wearing for Windmill Road. It scored a level of 53.4 on Structural (out of 100 which relates to 'as new' ); 35.36 on Surface Score (target level 22 ) and on a Wearing Course, showed 39.99. (target level 9).

All roads in the borough are assessed by an independent consultancy on an annual basis.

"The scores for this section of Windmill Road are well above the target for scores required for a road of this categorisation. This is the reason it is not on the current proposed Surfacing Programme, however it will continue to be assessed on an annual basis," the Council said.

What can residents do if they have specific areas they are concerned about?

Hounslow Council says; " In the interim, if residents have concerns over particular areas/deep pot holing then they can request an inspection through our website and we will send an inspector to investigate. If the pot holes are below the intervention levels required the inspector will instruct a repair of the area."

Last year Hounslow Council issued a press release declaring that it had carried out a successful programme of resurfacing and filling in potholes across the borough.

You are welcome to send in photographs of the potholes in your own street to editor@chiswickw4.com.


April 28, 2018

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