Cornwall Grove 'Inferior' Road Surface Row Continues

Locals say action not yet taken on 'shoddy' surface


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Local residents in Cornwall Grove are still angry over what they describe as shoddy workmanship following resurfacing of their road. They say Hounslow Council has still not undertaken promised action to have a proper survey done of the resurfaced road.

The street was microsurfaced by Hounslow Highways as part of a plan to give better skid resistance.

However the surface appears to be too soft to cope with the traffic flow and loose stones are being thrown up by the force of the vehicles.

Local residents say they believe there is a deficiency in the material used and that it is shoddy. They are seeking to have the area assessed by an engineer and a plan to address the problem.

One local has swept and weighed the gravel stones thrown up by cars following the work and in just a few metres collected over 9.5 kg of loose stones.

The residents say they have been badly let down by Hounslow Highways, and they want action taken to repair the road surface.


Local councillor John Todd, who was in touch with the authorities on behalf of the residents, said that "the utter frustration of the residents seeking resolution of this long standing issue is appalling. The road surface was clearly badly laid and is now overtly disintegrating."

He said it was clear that as the surface was breaking up, it now had to be redone.

He has written again to Hounslow Highways complaining that a promised survey of the work has not yet been done.

There do not appear to be any similar problems reported in surrounding streets.

August 12, 2017

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