Scene of tragedy to undergo traffic calming measures

Council consults residents on scheme for Sutton Lane North area

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The location where a toddler lost her life and where numerous other accidents have occurred is to undergo traffic calming measures under new proposals set out by Hounslow Council.

The scheme which aims to improve pedestrian safety will see measure put in place at Fromow's Corner, at the southwest end of Turnham Green, and a separate scheme at the junction of Arlington Gardens and Sutton Lane North if the Councils proposals are approved.

The council is currently consulting with local residents about proposals to:

  • Replace the 3.4m diameter mini-roundabout at Fromow’s Corner with a 4.0m diameter full roundabout with an additional 1.0m wide mountable ring, located approximately 3.0m northeast of the current roundabout to slow all traffic and prevent vehicles from cutting across the junction instead of going round the roundabout. In particular, Wellesley Road to Heathfield Terrace traffic would be slowed, and Heathfield Terrace to Sutton Lane North traffic (including route 27, 272 and E3 buses) would be better regulated.
  • The kerb build-out and raised entry treatment across Walpole Gardens for pedestrian safety. An improved pedestrian refuge in the middle of Heathfield Gardens.
  • A new zebra crossing across Heathfield Terrace, 11.0m east of the centreline of Heathfield Gardens.
  • A new fence and removal of a short section of path on Turnham Green to prevent pedestrians crossing Heathfield Terrace at Fromow’s Corner, and a new pathway on the Green to direct them to the new zebra crossing.

In order to improve the functioning of the roundabout at its new location, ideally no traffic would enter the roundabout from Walpole Gardens. The Council therefore is exploring the possibility of converting Walpole Gardens into a one-way westbound street.

Proposals for the Arlington Gardens/Sutton Lane North junction are:

  • Minor kerb adjustments and a raised entry treatment across Arlington Gardens, with a central island to provide a safer crossing across Arlington Gardens.
  • A refuge on Sutton Lane North to provide a safer crossing from Arlington Gardens to Turnham Green.
  • A short section of path to link the new crossing point to the nearest pathway within the Green.

Consultation documents have been delivered to homes and businesses in the area. 

October 19, 2006