Council official calls report "misleading"

A senior member of Hounslow's Street Management team has claimed our report that shows that half as much is spent on Chiswick's roads per km than elsewhere in the borough is "distorted"

"Budgets are allocated based on roads that need repairing" Staveley Road yesterday

A Council Official has blasted a report on which showed that spending on Chiswick roads and footpaths is far less than anywhere else in the borough. Fred Robinson, Acting Assistant Director of Street Management, described the report as "misleading" and "distorted" in an interview with the Brentford Chiswick and Isleworth Times.

The report highlighted the council's own figures (see below) which showed that Chiswick received a relatively small part of the budget compared to other parts of Hounslow borough. Certain areas received twice the allocation of Chiswick per kilometre of road.

Mr. Robinson is quoted as saying that the figures in the report gave a "completely distorted picture as we don't allocate budgets per kilometre. It's completely misleading. Budgets are allocated based on roads that need repairing". The original article never claimed this and fully explained the rationale for the allocation of spending on road and footpath maintenance in the borough.

No complaint was made to about the contents of the report which we believe was an objective and accurate representation of official data.

Hounslow Borough Corporate Programme for Roads and Footways
of Budget
per km
Heston Cranford 72.42 3.3 3.15 6.45 23% 89064
West Area 116.05 5.02 4.63 9.65 34% 83154
Brentford/Isleworth 77.15 2.97 2.19 5.16 18% 66883
Central Hounslow 72.39 2.76 1.83 4.59 16% 63407
Chiswick 55.46 1.14 1.22 2.36 8% 42553
Total 393.47 15.19 13.02 28.21 100% 71695

April 26, 2003

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