'Speeding' Cyclists and Sensitive Speed Cameras

Devonshire Rd’s traffic calming measures need a little calming of their own

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It would appear that traffic calming measures in Devonshire Road have become rather over-sensitive of late after a local resident discovered that even a cyclist could trigger the recently installed speed warning sign.

He told ChiswickW4.com, “I was intrigued when I saw that a cyclist had managed to trigger the sign even though there was no way he was going over the speed limit.

“So I decided to test it out and discovered that even driving past the sign at 15 miles per hour would prompt it to say that I was breaking the speed limit!”

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council said, "We have heard numerous concerns about vehicles travelling through Devonshire Road at excessive speeds, with the suggestion that drivers coming off the A4 use the street as a cut through to get to Chiswick High Road.

"Traffic calming measures were put forward to the Chiswick Area Committee and members agreed to the installation of speed activated signs.

"The sign cost £1,575 and a number of these signs have been used within the borough and this is the first time we've had a report of a cyclist triggering them. Now it has been drawn to our attention we will pass the details to the manufacturer to request that they send their crew to check the sign."

The council spokesperson later confirmed that the manufacturers inspected the sign fixed the faulty detector.

June 2, 2008