It’s Not That They’re The Wrong Kind of Leaves

It’s just that there's still so many of them in January!

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A resident of Harvard Road was so fed up with the state of local streets that he took a series of photos to highlight their condition. However, it was not litter or debris left from refuse collections that he was complaining about, but leaves.

He said, “These photos were taken on 29th December 2008 some two months after this autumn’s leaves had fallen.

“As can be seen the residents of Harvard Road, Grosvenor Road, Burlington and Grange Road seem to have been forgotten as far as street cleaning is concerned. The state of the streets are a disgrace and potentially dangerous as I should point out that a month ago a guest of mine was walking from Gunnersbury Station into Grange Road on a wet evening who fell on their back due to the slippery leaves that are lying across the wheelchair access to the station path off Grange Road. Thankfully only pride was hurt.”

The Glebe Estate suffers from a similar, if not more hazardous, issue. “Every year it’s the same,” said a resident of Dukes Road. “The pavements close to the High Road get covered in leaves which turn into a slippery mush as soon as it rains; it’s like an ice rink some mornings!”

Any issues regarding street cleaning should be directed to Cleansing Services, London Borough of Hounslow, Bridge Road Depot, Pears Road, Hounslow TW3 1SQ. Telephone: 020 8583 5555
Fax: 020 8583 5477 E-mail:

January 2, 2009