Calmer Traffic for Staveley Road?

New scheme could put the brakes on speeding drivers

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Councillors are currently looking into ways to deal with drivers speeding along Staveley Road after residents expressed their concerns especially over the section between Burlington Lane and Sutton Court Road.

The Chiswick Area Committee was presented with three different options by transport officials. However, Councillors felt the best way forward was to consult the residents who live with the problem.

Whilst the Safer Routes to School scheme, taking in the area around Chiswick Community School, was approved last year funding was not sufficient to facilitate the inclusion of the whole of Staveley Road.

Further proposals for controlling vehicle speeds on the rest of Staveley Road are viewed as a natural progression from the work already undertaken and bids are being prepared to apply for the necessary funding from TfL.

Council workers recorded the number of vehicles travelling at over 30mph along Staveley Road and found them to be far higher during the morning peak of 8am to 9am and the afternoon peak of 3pm to 4pm compared to other times of the day.

February 21, 2009