Summer of Fun For Chiswick Motorists

As Thames Water begins major works along the High Road

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Thames Water will be undertaking streetworks along Chiswick High Road from Monday 27 July until Saturday 30 August.

Phase 1 - Chiswick High Road near the junction with Turnham Green Terrace

From Monday 27 July contractors will be working in the nearside lane on the eastbound approach to the junction. Two-way traffic will be maintained along CHR, but there will be only a very short left-turn lane for traffic turning into Turnham Green Terrace which will at times impact on the eastbound straight ahead movement.

Phase 2 - Chiswick High Road Turnham Green Terrace Junction

Once the above is completed (provisionally 3 August, but could be sooner) the contractors will move to work in the mouth of the junction. Due to the location of the works it will be necessary to make Turnham Green Terrace one-way southbound and to divert all northbound traffic - as we did when the mains replacement was carried out. Traffic travelling east along CHR will be diverted via: Goldhawk Road and Bath Road. Traffic travelling west along CHR will be diverted via Acton Lane, South Parade. These works should not have much of an impact on CHR itself but there will be some inconvenience for those wanting TGT.

Phase 3 - Chiswick High Road junction with Chiswick Lane

Following on from the work at TGT (provisionally 17 August, but could be sooner) the contractor will move to work at the junction of CHR and Chiswick Lane. A connection has to be made between a valve in the eastbound carriageway and a valve which is in the westbound carriageway. The only way this can be done is in two halves with the junction operating on 4-way temporary signals. Delays are expected on all approaches. Advance warning signs will be erected prior to the junction in the hope that some drivers will be able to divert to the north or south and avoid the junction altogether.

Phase 4 - Chiswick High Road near the junction with Cranbrook Road

On Saturday 15 August the contractor will be working in the westbound carriageway just to the west of Cranbrook Road. These works will have only a very minor impact on CHR as two-way flow will be maintained with eastbound traffic using the bus lane.

July 23, 2009