Grove Park and Strand on the Green CPZ

Chiswick Area Committee to discuss finding of preliminary consultation

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Grove Park and Strand on the Green CPZ Consultation


Chiswick Area Committee (Planning) Tuesday, 15 September 7:30 pm in The Hogarth Hall, Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Chiswick

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The Chiswick Area Planning Committee will be discussing the findings of the preliminary consultation carried out in Grove Park and Strand on the Green on the possible introduction of a CPZ at their meeting on Tuesday 15th September.

The consultation results show that there are two clusters, western and eastern shown here, of support for parking controls where two separate possible Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) could be considered for further consultation.

There is also support from Redcliffe Gardens but it would be fairly remote from the other roads where there is support. The parking problems here appear to be mainly due to a lack of off-street parking that would not be resolved by parking controls. Therefore it is recommended that it is not included in further consultation at this stage.

The table below shows the summary of the responses to question 3 from the roads within the two clusters in favour of parking controls.

Opinion amongst Chatsworth Road respondents and the respondents from the section of Staveley Road between Sutton Court Road and Park Road is divided. Due to the proximity of these in relation to others in the vicinity in favour of a scheme they have also been included in the proposed further consultation on the possible eastern zone. Additionally, the response from a number of roads in the bottom half of the eastern cluster is not conclusive. Given the number of complaints from the residents and traders around Chiswick Station, it is recommended that these roads be also included in the detail design consultation.

Thames Road and Oliver Close respondents are not in favour of parking controls but a scheme in the neighbouring area is likely to displace parking into these roads. It is recommended that Thames Road between Strand on the Green and the railway line and Oliver close be also included in the western cluster draft design consultation. It is therefore recommended that the frontages shown at Appendix E be consulted on a draft scheme design. It is also recommended that, if agreed, the western cluster could be considered as a possible extension of the existing Stile Hall Area CPZ and the eastern cluster could be a separate stand alone zone. The Stile Hall CPZ operates from 10 am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday which corresponds with the wishers of the respondents. The same hours of control could also be considered for the eastern cluster that could be a possible new zone.

The over 70% of respondents from both clusters of support are in favour of providing short term ‘pay & display’ parking for shoppers in the local shopping parades

Two petitions against parking controls were received. One from Chiswick Toddlers World, a nursery operating from St Pauls Hall in Pyrmont Road. The petition states ‘We the undersigned are against the proposed introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone in Strand on The Green.’ Though the petition contains 76 signatures, only nine of them are from the residents of the possible western cluster zone including three from Pyrmont Road. A total of 32 signatures are from outside the consultation area altogether.

The other petition consists of three pages; two of them contain 29 signatures and state ‘We the undersigned do not want restrictions on parking in Thames Road / Strand-on-the-Green’. The other page states ‘We the undersigned do not want restrictions on parking’ and includes 19 signatures. Twelve of the signatories on the two page part of the petition are from the roads within the consultation area with nine signatures from the possible western cluster zone. Eleven signatures are from residents outside the borough. A single sheet includes 10 signatures from the residents within the consultation area. Altogether there are 22 signatures on the petitions from the residents of the two possible zones.

The area committee members will be advised that the petitioners’ views are not consistent with the results of the consultation and do not represent the majority view and will be asked agree to proceed with the detail design consultation in the two possible zones.

September 10, 2009